How to Add a Bluetooth Switch on iOS Device


Step 1

Silly Spin ABC is accessible with Apple's Accessibility feature. 

1. Make sure your switch is turned on and in discoverable mode. If unsure, follow manufacturers instruction.

Please note: We recommend RJ Cooper's iSwitch and Super Switch 

2. To connect switch to Bluetooth go to Settings > Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth > My Devices > Tap the desired device in My Devices list to connect.

Support Option 1:

Support Option 2:


Step 2

Launch Recipe

Please note: A recipe allows you to customize your switch to so it can perform specific actions like tap middle of screen or turn a page.

1. To launch recipe go to Settings > Accessibility (or General > Accessibility) > Switch Control > Recipe > Create New Recipe. 

2.  Name the Recipe (you will have to turn your Bluetooth off to type text and then turn it on again after) > Assign the Switch > Action > Tap Middle of Screen 

3.  Then go to Launch Recipe > Tap Middle of Screen 

Step 3

1.  Launch Silly Spin ABC. Select Easy Play > Tap and Tap mode.

2.  Begin play and have fun!