DOwnload the latest update of silly spin abc now


If Silly Spin ABC does not play sound, please try the following troubleshooting options ...

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android

1. Update app to latest version.

2. Check to make sure the mute/silent button is OFF or the ringer button on device is turned ON. 

3. Make sure your volume is turned on and up by using the volume controls on your device. 

4. If still having issues, quit all open apps on your device. Sometimes having too many open apps will cause volume issues. After you quit all open apps, relaunch Silly Spin ABC. 

5. For iOS -  If device does not have a mute, silent or ringer button on device go to Control Center > tap Silent Mode button/Bell icon to unmute device.

6. Go to Settings > Sounds. In Sounds, make sure not on mute and volume turned on and up to desired level. 


7. Perform any of the above options and then restart your device.

8. If the problem persists after following instructions, you may have to delete and re-install the app itself.

9. Contact Us

Troubleshooting Quitting Issues


1. Update app. 

2. You may have an older device. For Silly Spin ABC to run efficiently must be running iOS and above.

3. If Silly Spin ABC is quitting when swiping up on the wheel or the notification page drops down when swiping down on the wheel, please note this is an iOS feature and is not related to the app. This iOS feature sometimes interferes with apps that utilize the whole screen. Please update app for new version which addresses this issue. 

4. If you are not ready to update and this quitting issue is interfering with the player’s playtime, please try the following Guided Access iOS feature …

Step 1:  To fix so the player stays in Silly Spin ABC, 

you can use the Guided Access feature in 

Settings > Accessibility. The Guided Access feature 

will lock you into the app and can even allow you to 

have a set time your child can play an app. 

5.Contact Us

How do I delete an app and re-download?


1. Delete the application from your device. 

To delete - Press down on the icon until all your icons start shaking. An X should appear on the top corner of  the icon. Press the X and you will be prompted to delete.

2. Re-download the application with the same iTunes login. You will not have to purchase it again. Please restart your device after re-downloading.


1. Delete the application from your device. Re-download the application with the same Google Play login. You will not have to purchase it again. Please restart your device after re-downloading

Can I re-download for free?

Yes. Re-download the application with the same app store login, and you will not have to purchase it again.

Which iOS is required?

The iPhone require iOS 3.0 or later for best performance. We included the iOS 2.0 for download because we appreciate that many users still have earlier models of devices. However, please note you may have some functioning issues like quitting, freezing or sound issues periodically depending on how much storage you have on your device.

Which iPhone/iPad generation is required?

iPad 2 and up. Because many families told us they have not been able to upgrade past the iPad 2, we made our apps still compatible with the iPad 2. Please be aware and advised that on the iPad 2 the game's actions may be delayed somewhat (but usually catch up after playing action 1 or 2 times), the game may crash (just re-open game and start playing again) or the sound may not play. 

Still having issues? Please reach out to us.

We want you to have the best Silly Spin ABC experience. Please reach out to us with question or comments. It might take us a few days, but we reply to all inquiries and would love to hear from you. Contact Us